The Shapewear Trend Is Set To Stay – Pieces We Love

by - November 10, 2023

Every year and every season, there are new shapewear trends, and some of them are here to stay. One of these trends, for example, is shapewear outerwear. That allows you to wear your shapewear pieces as the main pieces of your outfit and not inside of it anymore.

Why is this new trend here to stay?

Not only have celebrities and influences made sure that we all are now following this trend but they did it too with wholesale waist trainers with logo. But one of the reasons also is the fact that shapewear outerwear makes getting ready, putting up an amazing outfit, and having an amazing hourglass figure much easier.

bodysuit woman

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Shapewear outerwear is shapewear pieces that look like the normal casual clothing that you would wear any day for many different occasions but will give you the shaping effect your normal shapewear will have and many other of its benefits.

So they will not only give you the figure of your dreams by just wearing this shapewear piece that looks like your normal outfits, but it will also make your whole outfit look amazing too, while giving you a major confidence boost.

The place where you can get these amazing pieces

Our favorite place where you can get these pieces is at Waistdear. They have shown us that they are not only a great wholesaler where you can get pieces for your personal use, but also you can get pieces like wholesale yoga legging for your shapewear business.

They are going to become your best business partner but also the right place to get the best and highest-quality shapewear at the best wholesaler prices. Make sure you consider them for your business or simply for your personal use.

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They have over 12 years of experience in the shapewear market and thanks to all of these years, they are now the leading manufacturer and factory of shapewear, being a very innovative brand and offering products that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile, eco-friendly, and sustainable, and have also the highest quality, as you can read on the waistdear reviews.

The shapewear outerwear pieces we love

The first piece we want to share with you is the seamless body shaper.  This piece  provides comfort and the perfect stretching. It has an overlapped gusset and seamless knitting, so there won’t be visible panty lines.

This full-body bodysuit will target areas like your thighs, waist, and belly while flattening your stomach and giving you a sleek figure. It has adjustable shoulder straps to ensure its snug fit and it is packaged with environmentally friendly EVA packages, that are non-toxic, recyclable, and won’t harm the environment.

seamles dress

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The next piece is the Eco-friendly Seamless 360° Waist Control Midi Shaping Dress. This piece has a double-layered chest panel and removable pads. It also has a tight-knit construction at the lower abdomen and waist giving more support and comfortable compression.

The chest panel has a supportive lining fabric to provide support to that area. Besides it has a seamless flow, with invisible seams and it also has a rib textured fabric that is perfect to mix and match, comfortable and soft to the touch. It has adjustable spaghetti straps and a square neck to showcase your collarbone. And provides 360° abdomen control thanks to its elastic compression fabric.

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